About Us


Nickron is a homegrown Indian brand which established in 2019 and has served over 80,000 happy consumers with a vision to mark more. Our manufacturing is done in Vietnam and imported to India. Nickron numerology stands for 'Care taker' and 'Attractive' and so is our brand to take care of your choice and comfort to stand you out in a magnificent and graceful spirit. Our motive is to curate lifestyle foot apparel for both men and women at the most accessible price but with optimum attributes. We solely believe in curating something cozy to move around, relaxing for your leisure, and a perfect match for your sports fanatic spirit. Thus, we come up with the most preeminence and superior designs of shoes to support the latest taste and trendiest desires of the generation. The main objective behind Nickron is to style both men and women in a most thoughtful and demanding way. Nickron provides more for less; thus, the quality will always be what you expect at a minimum. Our whole team is here to give the best of themselves to the consumers for never-ending love and support.

We have the perfect pairs for each family member. We understand the expectations of the ‘price-conscious’ customer. We offer high quality shoes that can cost the whole family. Our main business motto is 'Fashion for Everyone', and we believe that our Company has established ownership as a symbol of 'affordable fashion', which cater to the whole family at all times.


Ensuring that the way we use the latest technology worldwide. Following high standards of honesty in everything we do. To go further to ensure customer satisfaction in the world. Staying is the biggest organization you can join, that you work for. Knowing that we are about people.


We are investing in technologies that will help us create products that will delight customers. International technology and our talent team allow us to create new international products and deliver them at affordable prices. We believe in and promote high-quality ethical interaction.